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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's April 2015 Conference talk. Two brothers attempt to climb a sheer canyon wall without any safety ropes or harnesses. He testifies that Jesus Christ suffered, died, and rose from death in order that He could lift us to eternal life. 

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Girls Camp Information:

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1) Please pack your items in a plastic tote with a secure lid. This is a vital step to keep items dry and organized.
2) Pack your sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow in an extra thick construction-type trash bag. Place a large label (duct tape works best) with your name on both the tote and trash bag.
3) Drop these items at Brother Raby's on Tuesday, June 4th between 9 AM and Noon.
4) You can bring a small backpack with personal items Wednesday morning to camp.
5) We will be meeting  at 6:15 AM in the church parking lot on Wednesday, June 5th to leave for YW Camp. We will be having breakfast at camp so no need to eat before you leave.
6) Bring your secret sister gifts with you. Let Sister Jessie Keller know if you are having trouble with getting these items.

1) We will go to camp for pre-camp set up on Tuesday, June 4th at 12:30 PM.
2) Spray for bugs and ticks.
3) Remember to prepare your devotionals for camp.
4) Remember to prepare your spotlight assignments.

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